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What Do Pollinators Love? How to help a species on the brink of extinction.

Monarchs need our help more than ever. Global warming and pesticide use has contributes to habitat loss for these butterflies and fragmentation.  But guess what? The good news is that we as individuals can actually help. Here are a few things you can start doing now to prepare for the spring, summer and fall.

Plant a native pollinator garden

Anybody can do this – even if you only have a balcony. This is also a great project for a church, school/ organization or business. Research native milkweed and pollinator plants for your specific area, sunlight and soil. A native plant nursery is a perfect place to start. This is also a wonderful tool:

Will you start with seeds or starter plants? If starting with seeds, planting them right now in the late winter is great. You can sprinkle them over the snow, which will help the seeds germinate. For more information about gardening go here:

Participate in a Citizen Science Project

Since 1950, citizens across American have been participating in helping scientists across the country learn more about this incredible species. In fact, it was the citizen-scientist collaboration that led to the discovery of the Mexico overwintering site in 1975. We can continue to help contribute to Monarch research. For more information and to get involved visit:

Buy Organic

When you buy organic you are supporting farms that aren’t using pesticides that are wiping out native milkweed.