Organic Ingredients

All of our ingredients are sourced certified organic. Simply put, organic is more delicious, nutritious, and better for the environment.

Skillfully Blended

Do you want loose-leaf tea that packs a punch? Ours is blended by our in-house herbalist in small batches with your health in mind. Feel and taste the difference.

Save the Monarch Butterfly

Did you know the Monarch Butterfly is officially on the endangered species list? Every time you purchase Four Stages Tea a portion of the sale goes directly to the Monarch Joint Venture, a non-profit committed to Monarch and pollinator conservation, and a packet of native milkweed seed is always included for you to plant.


Our packaging is always recyclable and/or compostable so you will never have to worry about contributing to the global packaging waste problem.

Milkweed Seed Included. 5% donated to MJV.

Tea that nourishes your body and spirit and saves the Monarch Butterfly. Milkweed seed included with every order and 5% donated to the Monarch Joint Venture.

Seeds Planted
Monarchs Saved
Happy Customers
Packages Diverted from Landfill

Artisan tea selection with your health in mind

Each of our blends have been thoughtfully formulated with a specific intention, as well as for superb taste. Every ingredient is ethically-sourced so you can be confident you are taking in the highest quality blends that not only nourish you, but also the planet and communities they come from.

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