Midnight Mariposa – Organic Sleep Cinnamon Rose Tisane


Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. Mexico hosts the Eastern Monarchs, as well as the largest import of Ceylon Cinnamon, or true cinnamon. This dessert-like blend is warming and calming. Other than relaxing mid-day or encouraging a peaceful and deep goodnight sleep, this blend will also help cut your midnight (or anytime of the day) sweets cravings. It can also be used as a mild aphrodisiac. Herbal, Caffeine-free.

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Weight 1.28 oz

12 cups


Organic Ceylon Cinnamon chips, organic pink rose, organic valerian root, organic passionflower

Customer Reviews

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April Ikey
I love this tea

I've been ordering this tea ever since I ordered the sample tin at christmas .m It is so relaxing, and I sleep like a baby. I drink a cup before bed and I easily drift off to sleep. It's delicious and it's so very relaxing. It also helps with the occasional headache I get. The valerian root along with the other ingredients melt away my pain and relax me. I'm so glad I stopped at the farmers market in Wadsworth, and bought my first two pouches of tea there. Been hooked ever since.

D Davis
Great product

A wonderful, relaxing tea I enjoy before bed or anytime. A great company run by a very caring and sweet lady.